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2013-12-31 03:00 pm
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1. Must fill this form out for any chance of me adding you.
2. DO NOT ADD and delete that is super super rude.
3. If your here to stalk, google, spy, GTFO I don't need that.[get a new hobby]
4. Yeah its come to rules. I am tired of the BS.
5. If you do add and delete me you will be blocked. Have the decency to tell me why.
Otherwise I will ASSUME you were here to spy on my journal and be banned from every contacting me again.
6. Childish attitudes GTFO, if your going to base me on who my friends are  and delete me later cause I'm friends with so and so. GROW UP!!!!
7. I am not judgmental person but based on a lot of  whats been happening lately I have EXTREMELY HIGH STANDARDS.

Its approaching  a new year. I am taking new friends request. However am selectively adding. I may or may not add you please fill out below!

Where did you find me?
Whats your name?
Why do you want to be added?
Where are you from?
Tell me a little bit about yourself.
Why should I add you? 
Are you going to add and delete?
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2011-12-28 09:25 pm


Welcome to my spot here.
I am still fixing this up so bare with me.
At this time I only adding people I know.
PLEASE COMMENT here before adding.

If I know your from LJ let me know and I'll add ya.

Bare with me still fixing everything.